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Individual and Group private practices

There are so many reasons to consider booking a private (or small group) practice.  And all are legitimate.  You may want a personal practice that considers specific physical constraints that you might suffer from (health or injury-related).  You may want a personal practice that is sport-specific, to increase strength, performance and concentration.  You may want a personal practice to help you get through a difficult time in your life, or to overcome anxiety or reduce stress.  You may be new to yoga and want to learn how to practice correctly: the breathing, the alignment in the postures, the focusing of the mind.  Or you may have an absolutely beautiful home space, overlooking the lake or woods, and want to enjoy your yoga in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


We welcome the opportunity to work with individuals and small groups, in our studio or in your home.  Contact us to talk about your personal needs.

Bridal Parties, Family Reunions and other special events

Whatever your upcoming event, we would love to be part of it.  Beginners or seasoned yogis . . . young, old or in-between . . . your place or ours.

This photo is a bridal party the day of the wedding.  The practice was a gentle yoga practice on the shore of Delavan Lake at Lake Lawn Lodge.

Yoga combination events (e.g. yoga and paddleboarding, yoga and hiking)

We have four very distinct seasons here in Southeast Wisconsin, and we know how to take advantage of them. We will partner with you to plan a season-appropriate adventure, on the water, in the woods or on the snow.  Let us know when you'll be in town and we will offer our best and brightest idea for a memorable experience.

This photo was taken in Big Foot Beach State Park in mid-Winter.

Corporate Wellness presentations and programs

The practice of yoga includes simple but powerful tools to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and improve overall physical and mental health.  


If your business is in the greater Lake Geneva area, Yoga Lake Geneva would love to partner with you to in creating a program for your employees, either on-site or at one of our locations.

And if you are visiting the greater Lake Geneva area for a corporate retreat, corporate event or other meetings, we would be happy to lead a yoga practice for your team or, even better, we would love to be part of your program - presenting an evidence-based case on the benefits of yoga and then leading a short practice to give your team a "taste" (yoga clothes optional).

This photo is the cover page of a deck from a recent corporate presentation at Grand Geneva.

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If you can conceive it, we will try to make it happen, as long as it includes yoga and/or meditation (and maybe food - we like food).


And we can supply everything that's needed (except the food).


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