COVID-19 Statement

Since YOGA LAKE GENEVA resumed live practices in June 2020, we have enacted specific protocols for its group yoga practices so that while participating in programs students were reasonably protected from exposure to Covid-19.  These protocols were based on the best information available to us (CDC and State of Wisconsin guidance) and were subject to change as updated information became available. Ultimately students and teachers have been responsible for their own safety.

With the recent relaxation of CDC guidance for vaccinated individuals, YOGA LAKE GENEVA has also relaxed our protocol for vaccinated students.  If you are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you continue to wear a mask at all times during our indoor practices, and while off of your mat during our outdoor practices.  Of course any student is welcome to wear a mask at any time.  YOGA LAKE GENEVA has also conservatively begun to increase our indoor class limits - class limit has been increased from 10 to 15 at this time.

Mostly we ask everyone in our community to be respectful of each other and each others' choices.

And if you have a fever, a cough or otherwise feel unwell, or if it is possible that you have been exposed to a COVID-positive person, please remain home for the recommended quarantine period. YOGA LAKE GENEVA will welcome you back when you are well.


We are all in different boats, but we are in the middle of the same storm.  Let our yoga community set a shining example of caring for ourselves and one another.


A lot of things have changed . . .

some have remained the same

Greetings, Yogis!  We are excited to share our updated protocol for in-person yoga practices.


Please read this document carefully and consider what is appropriate for you.


Yoga Lake Geneva has been conducting in-person practices since June 2019.  We are paying close attention to guidance regarding COVID-19 and reserve the right to change or cancel in-person practices without notice.  The safety and wellness of the community is our #1 concern and our first decision criteria.

Here are our new guidelines and protocols::


  • We have increased our class limit to 20 students for indoor practices in The Fireside Room at The Ridge Resort. At 20 students, each student will still have approximately 100 square feet of personal space (6' distancing is 36 square feet).  We may choose to increase our indoor class limits over time. Access is through the lobby of The Ridge then down the stairs (masks are no longer required in public areas of The Ridge) or from outside doors leading to the patio.


Second, we’d like to share what we are asking of you (our students) who choose to attend our in-person practices.

  • Masks are no longer required for indoor practices for yogis who are fully vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated we ask that you please wear a mask at all times during practice.

  • We are still asking students to supply your own mat and all necessary props.  At this time Yoga Lake Geneva is not providing loaner mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters.

  • Because of the need to adhere strictly to class limits, if you have registered for a practice and will not be attending please login to Mindbody and remove yourself from the class. Your “pass” will be returned to your account to be used at another time.  If you register for a practice and “no show,” your pass may be applied as if you had attended the practice (only if the practice is booked to capacity).

  • All students must have a signed waiver in place through Mindbody.  Please login to your account through the app or through our website link to double check.  If you come to practice without a waiver, the teacher will ask you to remain outside and login to your Mindbody account and sign the waiver before joining the practice.  

  • Practice empathy towards your fellow students and teachers who choose to approach their in-person yoga practice differently by setting up in a corner or bringing their own wipes or zipping out the door when practice ends.