COVID-19 Statement

YOGA LAKE GENEVA has enacted specific protocols for its group yoga practices so that while participating in programs students are reasonably protected from exposure to Covid-19.  These protocols are based on the best information available to us and are subject to change as updated information becomes available. Ultimately students and teachers are responsible for their own safety.


YOGA LAKE GENEVA expects students and teachers to adhere to the protocol outlined below, and staff is required to remind students of the protocol as necessary.  Protocol includes but may not be limited to: remaining on your mat, keeping your props organized, arriving and leaving promptly without lingering, practicing social distancing at all times and most importantly, being respectful of others.


And if you have a fever or otherwise feel unwell, or if it is possible that you have been exposed to a COVID-positive person, please remain home for the recommended quarantine period. YOGA LAKE GENEVA will welcome you back when you are well.


We are all in different boats, but we are in the middle of the same storm.  Let our yoga community set a shining example of caring for ourselves and one another.


Some things have changed . . .

some have remained the same

Greetings, Yogis!  We are excited to share our plans around resuming in-person yoga practices, and to announce some new options and offerings to provide daily yoga options that meet you where you are, both literally and figuratively.


Please read this document carefully and consider what is appropriate for you.


Our plan at this time is to resume in-person practices on Monday, June 15th.  We will be paying close attention to any new information regarding COVID-19 between now and then and may further delay “opening” if it is indicated.  The safety and wellness of the community is our #1 concern and our first decision criteria.


First, we’d like to share with you what we will be doing to reduce everyone’s risk, our students and our teachers:


  • Weekday classes at Boxed and Burlap will be held in the barn, which will allow us to safely maintain a 25-student capacity.  Boxed and Burlap has invested significantly in upgrading the interior – if you haven’t seen it you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Weekend classes at Boxed and Burlap will be held outside on the patio or on the lawn.  In the case of inclement weather, it will be the teacher’s discretion to cancel due to weather.  Students who are signed up for the practice and have provided an email or mobile number will be automatically contacted if the practice is cancelled, and all registered students’ “passes” will be returned to their account to be used at another time.

  • Indicators will be used on the floor and patio to help students locate their mats in a manner that maintains minimum separation.

  • Indoor classes will be “open air,” i.e. windows and doors will be open to promote maximum ventilation, and there will be no heat or air conditioning. Please dress appropriately according to the weather and your personal tolerance for heat and cold.

  • When we are indoors, teachers will wipe down all hard surfaces before and after practice.  We will do our best to maintain a supply of hand sanitizer for community use, or you may bring your own.

  • Masks are optional for both student and teacher but will be welcomed.


Second, we’d like to share what we will ask of you (our students) who choose to attend our in-personpractices.

  • You must supply your own mat and all necessary props.  Yoga Lake Geneva will no longer offer loaner mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters.

  • Please bring only your mat and props (and a water bottle if necessary) into the indoor practice space.  Please leave purses, gym bags and anything that is not part of your practice in the car.  We will politely ask you to take anything else back to your car.

  • There will be NO DROP-IN’s and NO CASH PAYMENTS.  All students must register and pay in advance to attend in-person practices.  And class limits will be strictly enforced – if you attempt to sign up for a class that has reached its limits, Mindbody will give you the option of wait-listing. Email or call 630-842-4413 if you need help setting up a Mindbody account – it is free, and all that is required is an email address and a password of your choice.

  • Because of the need to adhere strictly to class limits, if you have registered for a practice and will not be attending please login to Mindbody and remove yourself from the class. Your “pass” will be returned to your account to be used at another time.  If you register for a practice and “no show,” your pass will be applied as if you had attended the practice.

  • All students must have a signed waiver in place through Mindbody.  Please login to your account through the app or through our website link to double check.  If you come to practice without a waiver, the teacher will ask you to remain outside and login to your Mindbody account and sign the waiver before joining the practice.  

  • Practice empathy towards your fellow students and teachers who choose to approach their in-person yoga practice differently by wearing a mask or bringing their own wipes or zipping out the door when practice ends.

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